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Yes, Queen: Why Marquise Diamonds Reign Supreme

Yes, Queen: Why Marquise Diamonds Reign Supreme

What do Ashlee Simpson and King Louis XV Have in Common?

Also, what’s a marquise diamond?? 

Back in the days of petticoats and powdered wigs, King Louis XV ordered a ring to be cut to resemble the kissable lips of his lover, Marquise de Pompadour. Thus, the ultra-romantic Marquise (pronounced mar-keys) diamond was born. 


Maybe she had a really little mouth?

Ever since, this royal design has graced the hands of everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Victoria Beckham (to be fair, Victoria’s had fifteen engagement rings, but the marquise was the first! Also no judgment!).

Known for its elongated shape and pointed ends, the Marquise diamond spreads out crosswise from the band. This slender yet lengthy profile gives it the wonderful ability to look impressive without being too much. 

In this post, we’ll walk you through the pros, cons, and many options available for your very own marquise diamond ring. You’ll love it so much you’ll want to put your lips to it (trust us!). 

Are Marquise Cut Diamonds Popular? Am I Weird For Liking Them?

Historically-inspired cuts like marquise diamonds are resurging in popularity, especially with people looking for vintage-y rings. While they might not be as popular as round or oval cuts, they’re beloved by those who are after something a bit off the beaten path. And, hey, it’s cool to be different! Just ask some of the celebrities who’ve worn Marquise diamonds like Catherine Zeta Jones and Jackie Kennedy. And be honest, can you get more elegant than Jackie O?

Marquise Diamonds: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

No cut can check all the boxes, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of a unique design like the Marquise to make sure it fits with your lifestyle. 

The Good:

  • Brilliance and Sparkle: Marquise diamonds are famous for their brilliance and sparkle, thanks to their elongated shape and numerous facets. Who doesn’t love a little bling? 
  • Master of Illusion: The elongated shape of a marquise can create the illusion of longer, more slender fingers. I’ll take ten!
  • Unique: In a world of round and oval diamonds, the distinct shape of the marquise stands out, making it an attention-grabbing choice for a ring of any occasion. 

The Bad:

  • Risk of Chipping: With great pointy ends comes great responsibility. Marquise diamonds may be more prone to chipping or damage compared to other shapes. You can reduce your risk by avoiding activities that could expose your diamond to potential impacts. Bad news, bareknuckle boxers :/

The Ugly:

  • Does not apply. 

North-South vs East-West?

We’re not talking about the Civil War or Biggie vs. Tupac here. We’re talking about the orientation of the diamond on the band. Specifically, does it run parallel to your finger or parallel to the band? 

When a marquis diamond is oriented North-South-–parallel to your finger—it can create an illusion of length, making the finger appear longer and more slender. 

When it’s oriented East-West—parallel to the band—it offers an unexpected and contemporary look that has the practical benefit of being less likely to snag on things. 

Minimal or Museum Piece: Styling Your Marquise’s Setting

Despite its kingly origin story, the Marquise diamond is super versatile when it comes to style. While it’s certainly capable of looking like a museum piece (check out Ashlee Simpson’s!), it’s also able to be stripped down to something gorgeously minimalist—and anything in between. 

Camille Solitaire | Oval Moissanite

(Note: Not all the photos in this blog are of Marquise diamonds! This one’s just a great example of a solitaire setting!)

Solitaire Setting: Embracing the adage less is more, the solitaire setting is minimalism at its finest. It features a single diamond on a band, bringing your full attention to your marquise’s quality and shape. 

Nicole (Lab Diamond)

Halo Setting:  The halo setting features a ring of smaller accent diamonds surrounding your marquise diamond. This setting creates an elevated feeling of luxury without feeling too busy.

Hailey | Radiant (Lab Diamond)

Hidden Halo Setting: The hidden halo is a great compromise between the halo and solitaire setting options. It incorporates a halo of smaller diamonds beneath your main diamond, providing a subtle sense of luxury that can only be seen from certain angles. 

Olivia (Lab Diamond)

Three Stone Setting: Three is indeed a magic number. The three stone setting incorporates two smaller diamonds that flank your main marquise diamond, providing a gorgeous sense of balance and completion. 

Elise (Lab Diamond)

Cluster Setting: The cluster setting features a group of smaller diamonds or gems arranged closely together around your marquise diamond. Inspired by a bouquet of flowers, this option adds an organic and romantic touch to your ring. 

Gold? Platinum? Rose Gold? Choosing the Right Material 

Just as the right shoes can make or break an outfit, the material of your band plays a huge role in the overall look of your ring. Here are our favorite options:

Esme | Elongated Cushion Lab Diamond

Yellow Gold: It’s warm, it’s sophisticated, it’s as classic as can be. Yellow gold is a traditional option that pairs perfectly with the regal roots of the marquise. 

Sophie (Lab Diamond)

White Gold: Sleek and ultra-versatile. The cool, silvery hue of white gold complements, rather than contrasts, the diamond’s natural color.  

Mia (Lab Diamond)

Rose Gold: Soft, romantic, and feminine. The blush tone of rose gold complements the diamond’s warm undertones for an enchanting combination. 

Amelia (Moissanite)

Platinum: Aesthetically similar to white gold, platinum complements your diamond’s natural color. However, its strength and resilience make it an ideal option for everyday wear, ensuring your band remains as gorgeous as the day you first saw it.

Two-Tone: Indecisive? Hardly! You just want it all, and we’re here for it. A two-tone allows you to pick one color for the band and another for the crown (the prongs that hold your diamond in place). This versatile and modern option allows you to enjoy the best of two options. Because why choose? 

Here’s the Skinny on Band Thickness

Band thickness is to rings as heel thickness is to shoes. A stiletto is going to create sexy drama while a mule is going to create a fun and casual vibe. While ring thicknesses don’t have fun names like kitten or Mary Jane, they are super important when it comes to completing the aesthetic of your ring. Here are our favorite options:

1.6mm: Ultra-slender and feminine. This thin band emphasizes the size of your diamond, creating a dainty and minimalist look. 

1.8mm: Versatile and suitable for many hand sizes. A 1.8mm band offers a balance between delicacy and durability, providing more substance than a thinner band while still keeping things graceful. 

2.0mm: Robust. This width provides a sturdy foundation, adding a touch of presence without overpowering your marquise diamond’s profile.

Over 2.0mm: Bold and substantial. A thicker band makes a strong visual statement and adds a real sense of presence. 

Getting the Band Together

The elongated shape of the marquise diamond can create a bit of a challenge for wedding bands: if the diamond is sticking out, where’s the wedding band supposed to go, right? We’ve got you covered with some fitting wedding band options. 

Curved Diamond Band

Curved Band: If you can’t beat em, join em! A curved band veers out of the way of the Marquise, creating a little niche for the diamond to fit snugly within. The gentle curve of the band is perfect for smaller diamonds. 

Chevron Diamond Band

Chevron Diamond Band: Taking the philosophy of the curved band one step further, the chevron diamond band features a deep V that allows for a large marquise diamond to fit within. 

Pixie Open Diamond Ring

Opened Band: Is your diamond too big for a chevron diamond band? No problem! An opened band features a gap that allows even a large marquise diamond to fit comfortably within. 

Marquise Twist Diamond Ring

Marquise Twist Diamond Ring: Not only does this design offer an accommodating space for your marquise diamond to rest, it also features its own marquise diamonds, creating a stunningly cohesive bridal set. 

Let’s Polish This Off

We’ve taken you through the halls of French royalty and the many options for a modern Marquise diamond ring. We’ve shown you some of the wonderful women who’ve chosen the marquise as their cut of choice. And as we wrap up this little exploration of the marquise diamond, we want to remind you that choosing a marquise is a choice to go off the beaten path, embrace a piece of history, and make a statement entirely your own. 

Ready to design your own marquise? Explore our collection for some inspo or pop over to our bespoke jewelry designer to create your own. If you need any help at all, simply start a chat!