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Our Story

We’re Sheraton and Wendy, and we want to welcome you to Everelle! Located in the heart of Orange County, California, we’re a husband and wife duo who are on a mission to redefine the jewelry business. Our vision is simple: offer timeless, ethically-made jewelry at prices that invite you to wear them as an everyday joy rather than a rare indulgence.

All in the family

When my (Sheraton) parents were forced to flee from Cambodia to Thailand in the 70s, paper money had no value. In those tumultuous times, the only thing of value was gold. Because of this, my parents have always dreamed of starting jewelry business. After settling in the US, they were able to save up enough to start up their first shop located in Pasadena, CA in the 80s. After 30 years, they eventually moved their shop to Fullerton, where my mom still works today.

Historically, the diamond business has harbored plenty of ethical pitfalls, and I personally wanted to distance myself from it. But now that lab-grown diamonds are a reality, I saw a path to embrace my family’s rich heritage in the industry while also upholding my values.

Sheraton + Wendy

Wendy and I met in 2009 as high school sweethearts. After traveling the world together, we were inspired to start a business together and we made our first jewelry sale in 2015. After getting married and starting a family of our own, we started Everelle (“ever” meaning forever and “elle” as a play on the Letter L, which is the initial of our last name) for our little girl.

My visionary nature and Wendy’s grounded realism combine to form the soul of this business. My optimism sometimes gets the best of me as I dream to reach above and beyond. That's where Wendy comes in to bring me back to reality, keep me grounded and to ensure we stay on track. Together, we navigate the creative and practical challenges of entrepreneurship, dreaming up designs that you’ll cherish forever.

Over 40 Years of Experience

We have over four decades of familial expertise in jewelry making, selling, and gem collecting. This rich heritage, combined with our modern sensibilities, allows us to create pieces that are both timeless and contemporary.

We've curated a collection that features well-cut, colorless, and eye-clean diamonds that will dazzle through daily wear and special moments alike.

The Creation Process

From the initial sketch to the final polish, every Everelle piece is a labor of love and precision. We dedicate ourselves to sourcing the finest materials and meticulously crafting each piece to ensure that they live up to our legacy.

Our Vision for the Future

While many jewelers sell diamonds to uninformed customers, we strive to educate and offer fully transparent prices. We’re at the beginning of a new era in fine jewelry, driven by sustainability, ethics, and accessibility. We’re committed to offering pieces that not only withstand the test of time but also embody the principles of responsible luxury.

Thank You!

We’re immensely grateful for your support and invite you to explore our collection! Join us in celebrating life's beautiful moments, big and small, with jewelry that tells your story and carries your legacy into the future.

A few words from our lovely clients...

I can’t believe how you made designing a ring from NY to CA easier and better than me going to a local jeweler here. Being a busy working mom of 4, time is precious to me and being able to work through text, email was ideal, and I certainly did not sacrifice any bit of service in doing so. You were truly so kind, prompt, professional and courteous, with each interaction. I’ll be back for my matching band, and other purchases. You have a customer for life!

Nicole J.
Nicole Oval Halo

Everelle started providing the sort of reliable and actionable information I needed. He helped me pick out a diamond online, an exercise I was initially skeptical of. It was so refreshing to work with someone I felt like I could trust in the jewelry business that I asked him if he’d be able to make the ring and setting too. The ring turned out fantastic and I paid a fraction of what other custom jewelers were quoting.

Jimmy C.
Custom Design Process

The whole process was so much fun, and the engagement ring is that much more personal because of the touches we were able to add to it compared to buying something off the shelf. I was a bit nervous buying something online without going to the store, but they made me feel very comfortable and were helpful through each step of the process. I'll definitely be recommending Everelle to others. Thanks again!

Alex T.
Alexa Oval