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Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2023

Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2023

Romancing the Stone: How to Use a Celeb’s Engagement Ring as Inspo for Your Own

Custom engagement rings are becoming more popular than ever. After all, your love story isn’t “off the rack”, so why should your ring be? But with customization comes a world of decisions, from cut and setting to material and band width. And that can be daunting. But it really doesn’t need to be. Especially not when there are so many places to pull inspiration from. For instance: celebrities! Today we’re going to run down some of our favorite engagement rings gracing the fingers of stars. Plus we’ll tell you how you can use these rings as a jumping off point for your own proposal-perfect design. 

Channing Tatum & Zoë Kravitz: Old School Cool

First up is Zoë Kravitz’ stunner from Channing Tatum. Its elongated cushion-cut design dates back to the 1700s but is resurging in popularity today. And for good reason. It marries Old Hollywood charm with a boldness that’s downright romantic. The blackened gold bezel not only secures the diamond but frames it like a painting. And the super-slender 18k yellow band accentuates the size of the diamond, making it look even grander than it already is. Pat yourself on the back, Channing. By marrying traditional designs with modern craftsmanship, this ring is as individualistic as Zoë herself. 

How to get this look

Recreate this look for $5,000 with an elongated cushion-cut center, a bezel setting, and an 18k yellow gold band. While Zoë’s ring boasts a 7 carat center, any size of your preference will look stunning. We recommend a 3 carat elongated cushion lab grown diamond with a 14K yellow gold bezel setting.

Demi Lovato & Jordan Lutes: Pear-fectly Unique

While Demi Lovato may have gotten her big break on Camp Rock, the rock we’re talking about today is the one given to her by fiance Jordan Lutes. A large pear-shaped diamond, estimated to be around nine carats, sits proudly on a platinum or white gold band. Pear-cut diamonds are trendy today but actually date back 500 years, giving them a timelessness that won’t go out of style. They symbolize individuality, strong-mindedness, and also express the tears of joy you might shed during a proposal!

How to get this look

Recreate this ring with a pear center, a cathedral solitaire setting, and in 18k white gold or platinum band.

Talulah Riley & Thomas Brodie: The Round-Cut Classic

The classics never go out of style. And the solitaire round-round cut diamond given to Talulah Riley by Thomas Brodie is about as classic as you can get. Since the late 1800s when it was created, this design has taken the world by storm. While simpler than some of the other cuts on this list, the solitaire’s uncomplicated design actually allows the brilliance of the diamond to shine through better. Thanks to its 58 facets, it’s famous for its ability to brilliantly reflect light more than any other cut. 

How to get this look

Get this look by choosing a round cut, a solitaire setting, and an 18K white gold or platinum band. 

Zooey Deschanel & Jonathan Scott: Love in Bloom

Next up is the ring Jonathan Scott gave fiancée Zooey Deschanel. Much like Zooey herself, this ring is feminine and elegant, yet totally fun. Two flower-shaped diamonds flank a gorgeous flower-shaped purple sapphire. The floral design isn’t just a celebration of (500 days of) summer either. It holds a special meaning, symbolizing the past, present, and future of the couples’ love. 

How to get this look

Unfortunately, to recreate this ring, you’re going to need $43,000

Millie Bobby Brown & Jake Bongiovi: Confident Cut

Moving on from the New Girl’s nuptials, let’s talk about Eleven’s engagement. Jake Bongiovi gave this square diamond ring to fiancée Millie Bobby Brown. With roots dating back to the 14th century, the square-cut diamond design of the center stone says strength and confidence, while the slender diamond band says delicacy and femininity. A halo of small diamonds surrounds the center stone, adding a touch of glam. All in all, the combination of strength, beauty, and bling in this ring is the perfect way of capturing Millie herself. 

How to get this look

Recreate this look with a square cushion cut center, a diamond halo, and a slender 18k white gold or platinum band band, 

Bonus – Taylor Swift: Opulent Opal Magic

While not an engagement ring, we couldn’t stop ourselves from speaking now about this opulent opal ring that Taylor Swift received from her friend Keleigh Sperry. It’s bejeweled, it’s got style, it’s the sort of thing you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams, right? The pear-shaped ring is surrounded by smaller stones believed to be London blue topazes. The opal, potentially as large as 20 carats, symbolizes hope, while the blue topaz represents inner wisdom—the perfect gift for Miss Americana, no? 

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The key to a successful custom design lies in finding that perfect balance between inspiration and personalization. Any of these celeb rings is a perfect springboard to launch you into your own design that perfectly captures you, your bride-to-be, or your love story. Design a celebrity engagement ring.